Sunday, 12 July 2015

Decision Making.

Hello and Hi.

I'm glad to announce that-finally-I-had-finish my degree last month. After submitted my thesis, I packed my things and went back home (after almost 3 month i'm not going home!) That great feeling. But after two weeks, I started to worry AGAIN about what I am going to do for the next phase of ma life. You know, either I want to work as an engineer or pursuing my study for one year or whatever.

I can't think.

Its damn hard to do a decision making.

I have so many untold stories that happened in my life but never had a chance to write it. From March to June 2015, i was busy preparing for presentations, examinations and my final year project. I thought final year is the most RELAXING year for every degree student but it end up as the MOST HECTIC year. Everrrrrrrr.

I think i should off now.


Sunday, 22 February 2015


Holla everybody out there. How are you doing?

Currently listening to Skinny Love by Ed-Sheeran. Such a loveable voice he had. But i am here not to highlight on him. I was just pretty excited to share that I already got the offer from one of the university that i really wanna go. Alhamdulillah
*drum roll*

I am now preparing and getting ready to make sure that all the ‘things’ needed for that offer is available. May Allah ease me in everything.

Till we meeett again. 

Thank you for reading this boring blog.

And yahh tomorrow i will start my new last semester and i really hope that i can perform much more better than before, all out to get all done perfectly :)

Monday, 26 January 2015

Projek Ilmiah itu apa?

Tatkala aku bersuka ria menatap TV di ruang tamu rumah.
Tatkala itu satu perasaan timbul tidak semena seperti mencemburui kesenangan aku pada saat itu.
Aku dihantui perasaan itu sampaikan berjuta monolog bermain di dalam minda dan akhirnya -----

menjerumuskan aku ke sini * tadaaaaaaaaaaada *

Sebenarnya bukan cuma satu perasaan yang muncul di benak pemikiran aku tetapi -- berjuta perasaan.
Dan perasaan dimaksudkan aku adalah kerisauan dan ketidaktahuan-lah-nak-gambarkan-bagaimana.
Terhadap apa?

bukan lagi kisah cinta.
kisah Projek Ilmiah aku sebagai pelajar tahun akhir.

Aku kusut.
Aku bingung.
Aku serabut.
Aku termenung.
Aku sambung kusut.
Aku kutip bingung.
Aku kelam kabut.

Walau realiti nya aku bertopengkan wajah tenang setenang air di kali. ( eh ? betul kah peribahasa ni?)
Aku mengaku aku banyak komplen (complain) dan banyak meluahkan this-never-ending-feeling berbanding aku cuba untuk mengatasi dan mencantas menangkas serta menawan masalah yang aku hadapi.

But who cares.


Aku punya projek ilmiah a.k.a THESIS (or whatever you call it)
bertajuk kan sesuatu yang aku tak minat.
Dan aku tak da perasaan sikit pun untuk meneruskan kajian itu.
Hal ini merupakan salah satu sebab kenapa benda tu menghantui aku----- sampai ke rumah.

I was like ' hello thesis can we stay apart and get separated for a while until i come back to UKM?"
And that brat ( thesis) answered "NO. I WONT LET YOU GO"

*next chapter*

I still remember one of the most respectful and great ex-engineer/Professor from India came to our university. I was one of the student who has been selected by my lecturer to have some short-meeting or kind of sharing-experience-moment with that genius Prof.

He said to me:

"You know what is engineer means?"
" Engineer creates thing. Engineer innovate things. Engineer makes life easier. We make new cool things"
" Isn't it exciting?"

And I was loike " ohh okay i know that "

Then he continue talking about science-things.

"You know what all the science people do? They only study and learn and understand what already exist in this world. They explore the nature of life."

"Did you see the differences? Which one is much more interesting? Learning existing fact or creating and giving an idea of the new thing?"

And yes. I can't deny his words and I clearly saw his passion towards this engineering field. Though his look was quite-getting-older but his spirit overtook his age. What about me? Hmm still thinking of what is so exciting to be in this - err - don't wanna say what it is.

this is so--me!

*last but not least*

Satu benda aku nak cakap bagi kat hangpa.
Please make the right choice.
Once you took the one which is not compatible with you, 
you have to endure with it and get ready to bear with it no matter how complicated was it.

Aku berhenti menaip.
Bererti aku mahu tidoq.
Selamat malam. Moga aku bangkit dan serap azam serta semangat baru.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pelajar Tahun Akhir.

Hello and Hi.
Since this is my first post on 2015,
I would like to remind you to not to get bored with my post cause it might be - a very - long - story  (padahal nobody will read this post)

blog ni dah berhabuk dan berkarat * sembur anti-rust sikit* 
kerana tuan blog terlalu tidak punya masa nak login blog 
dan tidak punya masa memikirkan ayat power untuk dikarang didalam blog.

the faster way of expressing my feelings in form of words and photos (nowadays) 
adalah melalui wechat status,and instagram.
thats the reason why i am slowly forgetting you, my dear blog.

final year's student faces.

so, ya i still remember the first time of using this blog. i was about 20 years old. back to 4 years ago :) tak banyak benda yang berubah dalam blog ni hihihihihihi still the same-clumsy-girl with a big dream and her-40 kilogram of weight . eh ?

okay lets make it quick !

im home now. spending my time with lovely families since i was not home for about 6 month. why ? because last semester break, i have to rent a house and stay with my friends at Shah Alam to do my internship ( about 3 month) there. 

I only went back home for at least 3-4 days during hari raya last year, and when my father was sick last month ( which is actually-the last-year-also). I found that it was not kinda hard to be far from my family as i get used to it since i was 14 years old. I am not having any syndrome called- HOMESICK- anymore.

Currently, i m the final year student and i was not very sure either I should loudly shout "YEAYYY" or should be sad. I love studying though it was totally bored sometimes, totally tired and feels like giving up in the middle of the semester. 

Sebagai pelajar tahun akhir. sukacita saya luahkan - it was AMAZING. do not define amazing in a form of happiness only okay ? hehehehehe. 

I dont want to tell you how susah was it, or how interesting was it. Because evrybody had their own experience. And i only wish the best for my UPCOMING- LAST-SEMESTER. hopefully i can perform well, complete my thesis successfully , pass the results with flying colours, and FINALLY HOLD MY DEGREE SCROLL DURING MY GRADUATION DAY !!!!! 


Will update more - soon. 
And ya i would like to tell you that i have another site of blog that I register when i was doing my internship. Here it is ------>
Feel free to read walaupun cuma baru 5 post. 


p/s: i can't wait to get my result for the last semester yang baru sahaja habis exam last week. the suspense was killing me.

Monday, 22 September 2014

#internshipdiary (PART 2)

photo taken at Setia City Alam 

Hello. Today was a good day since it was SUNDAY and the only day that I DIDN’T HAVE TO GO TO WORK (u-huh—not work but doing my internship at the factory)

One thing that you should know is- I am not ready to WORK. Yes. I hate working life. Facing peoples is not that easy. It’s challenging and sometimes you just feel like ‘bursting’ the anger and feels like ‘ughh’ (I can’t describe that weird feeling)
It has been a two month already. I can’t wait to end this internship. I rather choose to be with BOOKS and ASSIGNMENT and PROJECTS gave by lecturers instead of be with PEOPLES.  It was not FUN at all.  

Yea maybe it doesn’t fit my soul and my mind. The conclusion is that I WILL NOT BE AN ENGINEER. The real me-always-wanted me to be what I want to be- SINCE  I WAS KID.I JUST WANT TO BE A TEACHER OR LECTURER OF PROFESSOR!
You know I really want to be something that I put my heart really into it- that I really enjoy of every moment of doing it.

That’s all.

Wrote on: 24th August 2014

#internshipdiary (PART 1)

this is the company that hired me and friends as a  'trainee'

Dear my dearie blog, I knew you miss me a lot. Now that I got a chance to write in this post about my-internship-stories, I am pretty glad (hehehe). Of course I have been SO SO SO busy and tired. Or maybe I just made myself busy with the new stuff and the new changes that happened to me started from 23rd of June.

I have never experienced any working life. I have never been exposed to the working environment until last June – when I entered the industry (to be specified I called it FACTORY) – I was like ------ WOAAA THIS IS CRAZY.

One week of trying to be comfortable with the peoples there and the places, I have so many mixed feelings. My head filled with thousands of questions. Don’t misunderstand cause THE QUESTION IS NOT ABOUT THOSE ENGINEERING STUFF. All the questions in my head are actually:
  •    How can they work with that stressful atmosphere every day? Every week, every month and every year?
  •    How would they being so enjoyable?
  •   How come they can manage to handle their family business while they only have time at night w them, and only Sunday is a holiday?
  • Why they were so strong and passionate?

wrote on: 23rd July 2014

Friday, 13 June 2014


I used to fall
and then I crawl
I found its hard to stand up —-
like before.
but I keep feeding my soul 
with the words that thickening my hopes
to ever feel the phase of being up high above
just move in the slow motion to follow the rhythm ——
I know I will and I know I can have a hope
or even a lil dream.

13 JUN 2014

#studentlife #finalexammadeness #zirah #zirahpuisidah #poem #phuii #love #writing #sketching #exam #wishmeluck
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