Wednesday, 27 November 2013


As much as you can keep dunya (worldly life) in your hand--not in your heart. 

That means when someone insults you-- keep it out of your heart,

so it doesn't make you bitter or defensive.

When someone praises you--also keep it out of your heart,

so it doesn't make you arrogant and self-deluded. 

When you face hardship and stress--don't absorb it in your heart

so you don't become hopeless and overwhelmed. 

Instead keep it in your hands and realize that everything passes.

When you're given a gift by God, don't hold it in your heart

Hold it in your hand--so that you don't begin to love the gift more than the giver. 

And so that when it is taken away --

you can truly respond with
 'inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon': 'indeed we belong to God, and to God we return'.

Yasmin Mogahed.

dear blog.

hello my dear blog.
i've been missing you so much.
my super busy life as a student membuatkan aku cuma mampu reblog di tumblr 

i really 



what to think.

what to do.

what to be.

clueless - speechless - countless - 

with everything.

i must say  that things will be getting easier and better if i could see mama's face ( because i miss her)
looking at her at least, would makes me calmer and happier .i miss my family damn much.

'Sometimes you search so hard for---words. 
You look for a way to interpret the language of this heart 
and the unspoken bond you feel.

But in the end you are left with nothing 
but silence. 
And deep down you hope it’s understood '

yes, i hate my self for being - talkative-useless-insecure-overthink-unattractive-lack-of-confidence-not-smart-and everything and everything that i couldnt describe.

p/s : i dont have the idea on how people can have no manners towards something that i think-you must give a respect. and i dont have the idea how can people acting like-you have never talk bad about someone else.

May God bless us. 
Forgive us. 

yes, im not a good person but im trying so hard to be the good one.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

first love.

Before I fell
        in love with words,
        in love with setting skies,
        and singing birds---
        it was you I fell
        in love with FIRST.

Saturday, 2 November 2013


i hate being alone.
it makes me feel empty.
doin nothing and it is totally boring.

everyone is going back to their hometown for the midsem break.

p/s : Giving up something the heart adores is one of the hardest battles we ever have to fight.Instead of being a slave to Allah, such a person will become a slave to his own desires. Slavery to anything other than Allah is the most painful sort of oppression-- Yasmin Mogahed
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