Saturday, 15 October 2016

Products Review.

Holla everybody!
How are you doing ?

So to day i will be reviewing several products that i currently used to maintain and reduce my oily-acne-annoying skin. My never ending skin problem has made my purse definitely suuffered a huge blow! But nevermind, for the sake of having a healthy skin, sis redho!

1. Cetaphil Cleanser & Moisturizer

Just bought it last two days and doesnt give a try yet but well, most of of the review in the google engine 99% gave a POSITIVE feedback. Especially for a problem,oily, acne skin like me. Thats why i wanted to try it after I finish my Himalaya Face Wash.

2. Aiken Tea Tree Oil Toner

Why i choose this toner? It superb as it does control my breakout, refined my pores and it has salicylic acid antara salah satu ingredient yang bagus untuk memerangi jerawat!

Been using this dua botol dah. Highly recommended sebab murah. Around RM5-6.

3. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash.

Dulu dah pakai set himalaya ni. lepas tu gatal tangan tukar yang lain, lepas tu pakai balik lepas muka dah naik teruk last year :( padan muka siapa suruh tak setia kan. this himalaya sangat bagus control muka berjerawat ni dari merebak cuma bila lama-lama pakai muka macam dah immune. Thats why rasa nak tukar Cetaphil !

4. Organic Vitamin E. 

This pelembab i bought it right after all my pimples gone and tinggal parut. the scars were horrible and i need something to give more radient complexion. and of course for scars-vitamin E is a must! because i heard so many good review about it, so why not. ambik masa yang sangat lama sebab saya pakai tak consistent, and my face felt so moist but BIT OILY AFTER AN HOUR. this is what i hate the most about using moisturizer, semua nya buat muka macam lagi oily but WE NEED MOISTURIZERRRRRRRRR! (please recommend me any good moisturizer yang tak buat kulit minyak, i just think about changing to Neutrogena Moisturizer, what do you think?)

5. Hiruscar Post Acne

i love the smell of this product. kind of good and great to fade off the dark spot of my acne scar. I put it at night or morning after washing my face. improvement is there, but for sure IT TOOK TIMES. semua nya kena SABAR DAN SABAR DAN SABAR. okey?

6. Nixorderm

THIS PRODUCT MIGHT NOT FAMILIAR. but those who had the experience of having worst skin condition might hear this. most of them said that it is good. Of course it is, my honest review dan pengalaman guna this nixorderm, when you applied it to affected area, it kill your pimple right away! only in one night, your red-big-pimple will shrink and die. AWAS! Kulit might feel the harsh macam pedih sikit , but it doesnt make your skin irritated at all. For a better regime, just put moisturizer once the pimples drying out.

7. St, Ives  Apricot Scrub

this scrub is special for blemish control. as i think that my face was always breakout and blemish so i bought this.There 's another cool scrub of this brand like green tea (for normal skin to remove blackhead) and one more (i cant remember) - i probably wanna buy them after i finish using this. Anyway, this scrub was amazing and cool! super smooth, soft,freshhhh and boleh rasa kulit sangat lembat2 gitu after i scrub. It also minimizes pores!

8. Freeman Mint & Lemon Claymask

actually i fall in love with this freeman mask after i watched some reviews in youtube. they used cucumber peeel-off mask, apricot, charcoal& black sugar and many more ! feels like to buy them all but IM NOT RICH! i need to put a gap evrytime i wanna buy new product. lol. lame! my first time using this mask, i felt so fresh and it leave my skin cleannnnnnn.

Instead of my complaining, i am grateful by the way as its good to say the least that i dont have crazy breakouts anymore. EXCEPT THOSE THAT TEND OUT TO POP UP during that time in a month. Apart from using 100 of products, we should remember to HAVE A PLENTY REST, handle STRESS WELL, AVOID PRESSURE, and EXERCISE and DRINK MORE WATER!

If you guys happened to use the products i mentioned above, leave your comment okay?

Alright then.Thats all from me. Good night!




Anys Nadhilah said...

Hai ! Teruja nak tgk sapa ex smkp tadi hehe . I am using cetaphil and himalaya as well and they work wonders to my skin. No break out and control the oil too ^__^

official syahindah said...

Nak tnya,skrg ni sya guna cetaphil oily cleanser dan st ives fresh skin scrub.tpi sya nk tmbh lgi pakai mint and lemon clay mask freeman.boleh tak?ada ksan smpingn tk guna 3 produk ni skali gus....sbb mukak skrg tngh brekaout tpi jrwt dh hilang tinggal bekas jak.

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