Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 has come to end.

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tomorrow is the last day of 2016.
and another two weeks to go to my last day as a postgraduate student.
it might be a long way to go.

to be able to list down the dreams that I really want is something that I can only did.
to be able to make the dreams coming out real and exist - I'm counting on it.

I might not see my path clear but I do believe in Allah's plan.
He wrote the best story to each of us.
We should just keep praying.
We should just keep believing.
We should just keep trying.

I deserved all the magics and dreams.

I'll make sure that 2017 was a brand new year, fresh starts, new chances, new feels, healthier, prettier and all! May Allah bless my journey, families, love, friends and everyone.


30 Dec. 2016.

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