Thursday, 13 October 2016

That's me, every day.

Insecure? Its me.

You wake up, you slowly get out of bed and stretch. You're okay with your body, you're okay with your self, but you're reluctant to check up on how your face is doing. Last night you put on a scrub, a lotion, a cream, you took a pill or anything to try and make those disgusting red spots go away. You look up, tired eyed and wearily into your mirror. Of course, they haven't gone. Yet another day to endure feeling unclean and insecure. 

Self concious. Acne makes your face feel dirty and unwashed. So what happened to the hours you spent cleaning it? The hair and hands you keep away from your face to avoid worsening the problem. You're cheeks are red and blotchy, your forehead spotty and stingy, or itchy. You're chin,nose and the sides of your face are all plagued by these spots. Acne is the worst. Ever. It's not going to make you depressed but it's enough to make sure you keep your head down at college, to make sure any pictures of you are in a certain light, with a certain distance away from your face. You may not be fat, or going bald or something. But to be able to run your hand over your face and not feel anything, no bumps, no pain. It's all you want. You've tried everything. Literally. 

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been accidentally lectured by those well-meaning peoples. Trust me, I’m much more disturbed about my physical defects than you are. Unsolicited advice can be humiliating. These days, I keep it to myself because what the hell do I know about another person’s struggle and what they’ve tried and haven’t tried? 

That's me, every day. 

But they will go, we all just have to ignore them as best we can, and stay positive. Acne truly is the worst. When it comes to your face anyway. It's unpleasant but when they've FINALLY gone (and they will go) you'll appreciate your skin ten times more than that girl at school who has never had a single spot on her face.

any supportive comment is needed. 


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