Monday, 22 September 2014

#internshipdiary (PART 2)

photo taken at Setia City Alam 

Hello. Today was a good day since it was SUNDAY and the only day that I DIDN’T HAVE TO GO TO WORK (u-huh—not work but doing my internship at the factory)

One thing that you should know is- I am not ready to WORK. Yes. I hate working life. Facing peoples is not that easy. It’s challenging and sometimes you just feel like ‘bursting’ the anger and feels like ‘ughh’ (I can’t describe that weird feeling)
It has been a two month already. I can’t wait to end this internship. I rather choose to be with BOOKS and ASSIGNMENT and PROJECTS gave by lecturers instead of be with PEOPLES.  It was not FUN at all.  

Yea maybe it doesn’t fit my soul and my mind. The conclusion is that I WILL NOT BE AN ENGINEER. The real me-always-wanted me to be what I want to be- SINCE  I WAS KID.I JUST WANT TO BE A TEACHER OR LECTURER OF PROFESSOR!
You know I really want to be something that I put my heart really into it- that I really enjoy of every moment of doing it.

That’s all.

Wrote on: 24th August 2014

#internshipdiary (PART 1)

this is the company that hired me and friends as a  'trainee'

Dear my dearie blog, I knew you miss me a lot. Now that I got a chance to write in this post about my-internship-stories, I am pretty glad (hehehe). Of course I have been SO SO SO busy and tired. Or maybe I just made myself busy with the new stuff and the new changes that happened to me started from 23rd of June.

I have never experienced any working life. I have never been exposed to the working environment until last June – when I entered the industry (to be specified I called it FACTORY) – I was like ------ WOAAA THIS IS CRAZY.

One week of trying to be comfortable with the peoples there and the places, I have so many mixed feelings. My head filled with thousands of questions. Don’t misunderstand cause THE QUESTION IS NOT ABOUT THOSE ENGINEERING STUFF. All the questions in my head are actually:
  •    How can they work with that stressful atmosphere every day? Every week, every month and every year?
  •    How would they being so enjoyable?
  •   How come they can manage to handle their family business while they only have time at night w them, and only Sunday is a holiday?
  • Why they were so strong and passionate?

wrote on: 23rd July 2014

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