Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Battle: My Acne-Prone Skin.

I thought by the time I reached 23 years old, my skin problems would have ceased. Unfortunately, the same skin issues I dealt with in puberty are with me today. I have naturally oily, extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin since my secondary school. Also, from years of picking at my acne, I am left with some embarrassing scars.

I have tried so many products and it's like a season coming come and gone those pretty flawless skin were all temporary ( is it? or ACTUALLY i've never had any experience of a day wIthout ACNE!). 

The story starts around October when i has such a hectic schedule as a master-student and part-time-worker to earn money for surviving! And as i have mentioned on my last post, i was graduated (convocation) in November. At that time, I stop wearing any cosmetic and there it goes my blackhead and whitehead being replaced with the BIG ACNE. 

I know the main reason of me leading to this kind of dilemma is due to my super UNHEALTHY lifestyle. My everyday routine starts with waking up at 5am, eats junkfood-oily food for breakfast, fastfood for lunch, instant food for dinner and sleeps at 2 to 3 at night.

okay lets start with the journey of my acne prone skin on the following photos which is so terifying!

APRIL 2015during my birthday celebration, its look like scar but actually penuh blackhead. pakai Nour Ain selama hampir 6 bulan, nampak macam okay tapi blackhead tak hilang!

actual skin surface:

MAY 2015: May punya gambar takda yang zoom in semua yang nampak macam tak berjerawat. hmm i wonder why !

JUN 2015: masa ni tengah struggle buat thesis DEGREE susah tahap dewa, dagu area paling banyak dan sepah. sebab hari hari minum nescafe!

JULY 2015: Mohon jangan tertipu, nampak macam flawless kan masa bulan 7 sebab kat rumah makan benda sihat sebulan tapi still tthe texture of my skin MACAM KAWAH BULAN.

OGOS-SEPTEMBER-OKTOBER 2015: malas nak upload sebab tak jumpa cari dalam album. tapi bulan bulan ini agak menduga sebab baru masuk sambung belajar dan aku stop pakai Nour Ain.

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015: maka bermula lah mimpi ngeri. after graduation day semua jerawat biasa tu makin berleluasa meluaskan jajahan.

This time, the acne/pimples has evolved. Cystic Acne.

DECEMBER 2015!!!!

throughout the month of these horrible face, i was CALM all the time.
i let them break out everyday without doing anything.
sounds crazy but yes! I did not apply anything on my face to control it. I drink a lot of NESCAFE non-stop and i did not exercise. poor my skin.

JAN 2016: i started doing research and buy some of helpful products as suggested by dermatologist.

Cleanser: AJ Skin Solution

Toner: AIKEN Tea Tree Oil Toner

Moisturizer: NONE
Acne Treat: Nixordem/ Dalacin-T

FEB 2016: in one to two month, the bumpy-zits-blemish-redness- all gone.

what i have done during the semester break in Jan-Feb were:

1. drink lemon+honey every morning
2. drink green tea
3. took a supplement : EPO vitamin + Vit C
4. drink a super lot of PLENTY WATER
5. enough sleep (11pm-6pm)
6. makan benda tak berminyak

MAC 2016:  ALHAMDULILLAH i can feel my skin texture is totally different now. pores makin kecik dah dan rasa tak kering dan kasar sangat. effect vitamin! i used HIRUSCAR-FOR ACNE untuk hilang kan parut. lambat kesannya tapi saya tak kan give up !

gambar latest: 18 Mac 2016

the struggle is real, i know im not alone because when i read all the blogs and forums, there are so many out there suffering with the same problem and even way too worse to handle. so i am thankful and syukur pada Allah yang semua ni cuma dugaan. so i keep myself being positive ! all the time :)

eventhough there r so many of my friends were 'shock' when they meet me, and some of the lecturer even ask me " why muka awak makin teruk ni " and my classmate from Iran also ask me straightawayyyy with questions "do you meet a doctor for your skin?" 
and i was like " errr okay its okay im just okay"

P/S: I still deal with breakouts and scars, but my skin has improved drastically. If you’ve tried any of these products, let me know in the comments below. THANKYOU FOR READING! pray for my skin, pray for future please everyone! struggling is not easy ! heheheheh.

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