Thursday, 4 February 2016


Hi. Its February 2016.
I haven't update anything since last year.
So how's my 2015? what happened last year?

Dear online diary, a lot of  beautiful, sad, poor, amazing, awesome, peak moment, and unforgetful memories happened last year. With the humble-ness i would like to say thanks, Alhamdulillah for everything.

In short, my 2015:

1. my grandmother had passed away early March 2015 and it was the deepest pain i have ever felt in my entire life. (Al-fatihah)

2. my sister produced one cute little daughter in the middle of March which the only and one niece, they gave her name - Danisha.

3. i pursued study. and yeah still in the engineering field. and it has been one semester and now im having a semester break. oh, master by course.

4.i was successfully graduated from UKM in Bachelor Degree with Honours (Manufacturing Eng,) last November and the convocation day was great.

5. im engaged! ok lied.

Thats the summarization of the whole last year that i remembered the most. and maybe some of the definition of happiness that i embraced couldn't be written here. 

p/s: i had such a nightmare when my no so flawless skin (my face) has become WORSE lepas silap pakai produk skincare local ni. disebabkan salah sendiri tak menyabar dan tak bersyukur dengan condition kulit yang sebelum ini okay (tapi tetap cakap tak okay) now it's bad. still in a process of recovering. i will post about my skin when i got time. alhamdulillah after one month, the pimples gone. cuma tinggal PARUT besar besar. anyone knows anything to do with the scars?

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