Friday, 28 March 2014

lot to be thankful for.

thank-you for reading my humble post, sweethearts.

you know why we must be thankful to God?
because of everything.

But tonight I would like to stress on how thankful was me to-still-have-parents-families that are still ALIVE.

because not all of us are lucky enough to still have both mum and dad.
when you miss your mum, or dad --- you can still have a chance to hug and kiss them.
when you are sad or need something --- you can at least call your parents to ask for an attention or needs. you still have a chance to touch them, feel them,hear their voices, look at them face to face.

don't you feel that you are so LUCKY enough and must be THANKFUL a lot to ALLAH?
did you know that there are peoples out there who MISS THE WARM HUG OF their-already-gone MUM AND DAD ????????????

can you imagine that how painful to miss the voice of the person that no longer exist in this world?
can you imagine that feeling when you want people that you love to hug--but they're not there for you?
I can't imagine that and I would burst into tears every-time I try to put myself in their 'shoes'

as for that, I was really really hope and pray that Allah will always give them a thousand of courage to stand up strongly everyday and every moment. I know their heart and their thought were feed with lot of doa's to their beloved mum or dad. I know that they always believe there's hikmah behind the test that they're facing. 

they grew up stronger.

I would like to ask you readers to spend one minute to recite Al-Fatihah to those peoples :

1) Arwah Zeti's father
2) Arwah Anis's mother
3) Arwah Lala's father
4) Arwah Aishah's atuk and father
5) My Grandparents
6) My Uncles and Aunty
5) Anyone that loss their father mother
6) MH370 Muslim passengers 
7) 529 Muslim Brotherhood members were sentenced to death in Egypt
8) untuk ibu bapa kita yang masih hidup juga
9) to relatives and teachers
10) semua Muslimim Muslimat

semoga arwah mereka ditempatkan dikalangan orang beriman.

p/s : I was extremely salute to all of you who struggled with the feeling of LOSS.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

if and only if.

if and only if I could turn back TIME.

I would like-----
to correct the choices that I've made.
to repair the moment that I've created.
to re-free the regret about everything.
to reduce almost 90 percent of the procrastination.
to re-do everything that I think I should.

I spend it on silly things so often.

I don't blame on people around me. It's all about me.
The girl who regret of her-wasted-unproductive-times-days-years.
The girl who can't let-go-almost-all-of-her-memories-or-past.
The girl who are always stick to the old moment-either it was good or bad.
The girl without a-burning-desired-spirit to be successful.

But as a Muslim and in ISLAM --- there's no such thing like:
"if don't do that, this won't happen"
"if they didn't go to there,they might not died"
"if she went to tuition,she will get straight A's"
"if she didn't walk to the road, the car will not crash her"

I believe that every single thing in this world are written by God.
We have no right to ask and keep pushing with the word 'IF' or "kalau lah"

what happened in our life is Qada' dan Qadar Allah.
or we can call it as a TEST from Allah.
or maybe it was a 'punishment' from Allah on what you have done wrong.

remember that.
don't complicate matters very much.
MISS-------Make It Simple and Smile :)

There's no sense in worrying about the negatives if they cannot be changed. 
If we waste energy and happiness on the things we can't change, we'll only make ourselves more frustrated.

p/s : Ya Allah, jadikanlah aku hamba-Mu yang sentiasa syukur dengan nikmat yang sedikit atau banyak dan tidak mengeluh dengan ujian yang kecil sekelumit cuma.

Saturday, 22 March 2014



Thursday, 13 March 2014

Queen of Clumsy.

Right now I was triple annoyed with my own self.
My hand was shaking like hello can you relax and calm down please 'fingers' ?

I JUST BROKE my new-chilli-sauce-glass-bottle while I was about to take BALANG GULA 
and I blank-ly didn't know that my hand also TOUCH the bottle sauce 
until it fall down to the floor---not floor but

I don't know how to react so I scream my room-mate's name "MIRAAAA" 
Small pieces of the glass with concentrated sauce were on my carpet 
and I have to get rid of it with kain buruk before I wash my carpet with sabun ( sobs sobs sobs )

Actually I am not sad because my carpet got those smell of the sauce or what but I am sad of my OVER CLUMSINESS . Har har har clumsy is not something to be proud of but to be sad of. You know that feeling when you seems so so bad at handling things. 

NO wonder la dulu mama aku marah bila aku nak beli botol sos kaca bawak balik UKM dia cakap nanti pecah la. aku menjawab ' tak kan lah nak pecah' dan hari ni----- pecah betol :(

Lepas cuci, lantai licin dan aku tak perasan dan aku hampir tergelincir dan nak jatuh luckily aku pegang dinding. And felt totally worst -_- I am confuse with my own self - I was 22 years old or 2 years old?

Not funny. 

YES. You ask me to chill and relax? It is just a small matter? You are right----- ini cuma masalah sampah masalah kecil perkara biasa dan nothing. Cuma aku besarkan perasaan geram ini kerana ini sudah ke seratus lima puluh juta aku ber kelakuan LOKLAQ DAN SANGAT LAH CUAI dalam segala hal. aku tegaskan sekali lagi -- dalam segala hal.

Now I would like to declared myself as a QUEEN OF CLUMSY !
I don't know how to deal with my clumsiness.
Ok bye.

PESANAN : don't forget to pray for MH370. semoga dijumpai semula. dan semoga Malaysia hujan dan jerebu kurang :)


Monday, 10 March 2014

simple things that would make 'soul' happy.

disebabkan bosan tahap tak boleh nak ungkap kan lagi macam mana.
aku decide untuk tulis dalam blog bout ----- read my post title.

I am-type-of-girl who loves 
cute and small things ,
love simple things,
love surprises
makes stupid stuff by my own hand 
(not so stupid because I think it is memorable and got value right?)
I am not claiming that I was the creative-est woman ever cause I love doing handmade. NO.
 *It is  just that I enjoy making it or seeing it or receiving it ( hihihi ) or whatever*

You know that feeling when you got surprises from anybody you love 
 and you were like 'OMG I'm totally touched and ecstatic'
And I really like to give peoples something that will make them remember me.
Dulu kalau setiap kali Hari Guru aku lah orang paling EXCITED DALAM DUNIA.
I spent my time by cutting,pasting and writing a small notes/cards for my teachers ( all subjects )
Because I don't have enough money to but fancy present so I just used my school-money-balanced to buy colourful manilla card and think bout wishing my teachers by using those hand-made card.
Isn't cute? What ? Not cute ? 
Okay fine.

And now.
Let me tell you some example of surprises that would make someone's soul happy.
It is just a not-so-fruitful-opinion but I wish to share it with you guys.

1) beli benda makan/minuman walaupun cuma cokelat lima kupang dan kat cokelat tu terselit notes --- with wishes. sure orang yang dapat tu rasa sayang nak makan pulak kan hahaharhar k tak lawak.

2) give flowers - you can pluck it from your mum's garden atau cuma bunga plastik dari rumah kenduri. if someone really appreciate the 'value of your sincere', they will smile in instant. kalau jenis 'materialistik' mungkin dia anggap itu cuma sampah. ops!

3) giving sweet wishes through email or inbox melalui facebook atau twitter or any medium of social network ( randomly even bukan hari istimewa ) un-expected wishes ( walaupun cuma wish selamat malam ) can makes someone's heart explode due to over-load of happiness

4) bagi belon sebijik dua bijik ( kadang kadang perempuan ni memang lebih ke perangai budak sikit ) tapi kalau malas tiup belon tak payah lah bagi. kalau nak bagi, you can put small notes dalam belon tu!

5) sending/making a music video of you singing/writing  or just collages all the photos together. simple rite? if not simple then I don't know what you are good at.

source : google

6) give something that related to their hobby or interested ( if you afford to buy it )

7) tulis atas tisu atau daun atau apa2 material lah letak dalam dompet awh sweet *muntah*

8) or something like this  : an envelope with the sweet wishes

You don't need to buy a Ferrari, buy expensive stuff to make peoples happy.
And you don't have to gigih susun lilin bentuk love tepi pantai pun untuk buat orang happy.
Tak perlu buat seprais fireworks kat langitmacam cerita Boys Over Flower ka apa ka.
Many others method that you can you use to make them smile sebenarnya. yang sesimple alam.
Just be creative and spontaneous.

Seriously,you don't have to spend lot of money to make peoples that you love happy. 
No matter how little or big that surprise it- everything related to surprises can  makes our heart weak to receive an unexpected gift from the person we love ♥ 


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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

two weeks.

It has been two weeks and more - my lovely pretty college doesn't have WATER.
Hampir enam belas hari tau.
Bukan tiga hari.

pada hari kedua ketiga - 
I was like 'SOKEY, nanti akan ada la ni lepas ni lagipun dah biasa setiap sem'
( cuma semester ni pada hari kedua masuk awal sem --- terus takda ayaq) 

bila dah seminggu lebih - 
I was about TO CRY ! and feels like to run away from this Uni.

but then when I heard that kejadian takdak ayaq ni adalah disebabkan kemarau panjang - okey.

you know what?
my okey-mood didn't stay as long as I thought when my eyes frequently look at the peoples with their cars -so they can easily go anywhere to find places that have water sources, motorcycles-to carry the bottles of water, peoples-who is going back to home 
( lucky enough cause their home are extremely near to the Uni ) 

aku manusia biasa.
tipulah kalau tak merungut dengan DUGAAN YANG MAHA KECIL macam ni.

namun aku selalu di ingatkan orang yang aku sayang agar - bersabar
sebab bukan cuma aku di duga macam ni. mostly semua student UKM pun rasa susahnya.
pagi petang kena jalan untuk cari ayaq-mandi-angkut dengan tangan.

dalam masa sama
mata aku juga sering di-nampak - kan gambar (keadaan mereka yang lebih daif) 
tanpa ayaq di Afrika sana. sedih. sebak. sayu. 

dan baru aku rasa bertapa aku kena bersyukur dengan semua ni :)


at least I still have many delicious food to eat.
still got comfortable bed and room to sleep and rest my body.
still got so-many-others-nikmat selain dari AIR/WATER selama berapa minggu ni :)

orang cakap hendaklah kita pandang orang yang jauh lebih susah dari kita-di bawah kita.
bukan pandang mereka yang jauh di atas kita sebab nya kita tak kan pernah rasa cukup dengan apa ada.

( credit picture : Google )

p/s : stop complaining and start praying. keep praying to God to gain the inner strength :)

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