Saturday, 22 February 2014


Happy Saturday everybody.

There are so many feelings & un-expected things happened on the first week of the new semester.
The sad-ness ( missing home-mum's-cook-boyfriend-bedroom-bff ) 
The happiness ( meet my crazy-funny-and-never-boring-gegirls )
The shock-ness ( cousin tragically injured due to the accident he had )
The stress-ness ( my college got no water to bath,to pooop,to cook,to take wudhu')
And so many other things but it's LIFE.

I got to go through it willingness-ly.

do you like this place?

I know 90 percent of you-readers will give the 'DISLIKE' answer.
so does me.

I have no experience sleeping or checking-in for 3 days 2 night at there ( hopefully never ) But most of us absolutely got the experience of visiting peoples-relatives-friends there , right? So, while I was visiting my cousin at Hospital Kajang, there is one kind of feeling pop out from my mind - STRESSFUL.

Gosh ! Seriously, they stress me out !
how can you be not stress-full when you got to see the super busy nurses,doctors in white coat,the rescue unit, the guards/security staffs,the 'screaming' ambulance, the panic patient and environment in the hospital ! All of them are not welcoming me well :(

they were exactly like a moving particles ( as shown in the photo below ) that continuously vibrate as they were walking there and there and here - checking their patient. I guess you know how the environment was like.

I told you- I really respect those who are going to be or already being a doctor/nurse cause they are amazing-ly contribute and sacrificed a lot to the society without differentiate-ing the races, religions and others. I don't have the idea how does they enjoy their carriers. Mungkin sebab minat yang mendalam dalam pekerjaan tersebut-nothing impossible !

If it was me - I won't be in the medical field or anything related to the hospital - I really dislike wearing the uniform ( you have to iron and to make sure that the uniform is not comot and compang camping ) and the uniform is plain ( white ) which seems-so-boring-not-colourful-and-whatever.

The hospitals do try to make you feel good with all the good inspiring humorous quotes on the walls, good floral arrangements, aquariums too and let’s not forget the-beautiful-fine-smile that the hospital staff ( except those Indian guard at Hospital Kajang ) puts on when they see you. But I still feels like in a WHITE PRISON. 
And another BIGGEST reason why I dislike HOSPITAL - the medicine and the blood. I don't like the smells. It's awful and miserable.

That's why several years ago - I refused to study biology courses.

The only exception to the part of hospitals being a sad place is the MATERNITY WARD where of course new mothers are glowing with shine as they hold their new born babies, as new fathers hold their son/daughter and kiss their wife, as grandparents/friends/family bring in flowers, chocolates, cakes and so on.

im sorry if i did hurt any of you who-loves hospitals.
i didn't mean to hate everything in it but my heart was really not into it.
goodbye and have a nice weekend.


Monday, 17 February 2014

new semester started.

keep calm.
keep calm.
 always keep calm sangat aku ni sampai dapat result pun muka tenang.
'keep calm and my result is okey what'
dushhh. not really okey so please stop 'keep calm' -_-

i should move and run away from my COMFORT ZONE.

the biggest challenge in University's life is time management.
I wish there is a machine that will shout loudly at me- if it saw me procrastinated and wasted time.
 wasting time in a non-productive way.

or maybe having someone who can kick me hardly and force me to study
or maybe this:


okey. here are some tips for kicking off my new semester -  I found it's useful for me:

1.If you are a day dreamer then just stop thinking about everything for a moment except for studying. Put everything aside and just get started. Also think about all the burden of late day preparation for a big exam. The sooner the better!

2.Be sure to take good notes during class and keep them in an organized binder or folder. Use these to help you with homework, projects and especially upcoming tests. If you're scared you might miss out on a few things the teacher is explaining while writing your notes, just scribble on your notebook with a pencil while listening. You can always erase your pencil writings and re-write it legibly in pen!

3.Tell yourself that after you achieve a particular goal you will be free to have fun. Also get a strong will and don't get easily distracted, if some noise disturbs you or someone distracts you use ear plugs or cotton and face away from the person.

4.A good night's sleep is essential to retain the facts that you have studied. This is because your brain consolidates what you have learnt while you are sleeping. At the very least, 8 hours is necessary to help retain the knowledge learnt.

5.Get organized! Keep your desk or workplace clean and tidy, have your backpack free of papers you don't need, and keep all your papers in a binder with different tabs. When you are organized, you won't lose assignments, and working will be less painful.
6.Think about your smart friends. Try to be like them, study like them, follow the way they do their work. But please do not go to the extreme!

7. Stick with it! Sacrifice what you do today for what you will be in the future!

p/s : Bismillahirahmanirahim. may Allah ease everything.

Friday, 14 February 2014

blessing Friday.

Salam Jumaat everyone :)
this is just a quick update from me.

last night.
we have checked our result for the last semester ! and Alhamdulillah -- all praises to Allah.
I am not so sad or happy for it cause I am in the middle of worst and  good. Jeng jeng jeng !

I am just a lil bit upset with two subject-- which I aimed for B+ or A- but i got B. sobs sobs.

Never mind.
I don't aimed high.
I just wish that I passed.
And I passed all the subjects especially the one that I thought I fail - CONTROL SYSTEM.

Thank you ALLAH.

and to my beloved friends who help me a lot in my studies- through thick and thin - from the early morning to the midnight- up and down- laugh and cry- sadness and happiness-everything.

I am soo proud of my friends :)
Yeay really proud of them ! And glad to hear the improvement.
You guys made it ! It was a positive outcome and it motivated each other.
May we help each others and start from the beginning again next semester. We can do it ! hihihi

Ok thats all and once again CONGRATULATION to all of you :D

Congratulation to me too even-though aku cuma satu tapak bergerak - aku tetap tahniahkan diri sendiri for the hard work - sebab bila kita bersyukur pada nikmat yang walaupun sikit- insyaAllah kita akan sentiasa rasa tenang dan Allah pasti gandakan nikmat yang ada - that's what we called blessing :)

This life is for
 even more loving.

 I choose to live life this way. I want to live my life in such a way that when I get out of bed in the morning, the devil says, 'awh shit, she's up!! I care bout others - more than my own-self.

 “The person who is rich is the one who possess kindness, caring, help others when needed, gives things that money can't buy, and spend time with those who need someone to listen to their stories. Sometimes money isn't needed.” ― Ellen J. Barrier

Thursday, 13 February 2014

wish comes true.

Hi everybody in the house.
I am so excited to write this post *grinning from ear to ear*

A long time ago ( not so long actually - around two years ago )
I keep telling my BF ( best-friend ) that I really want to go to Seoul Garden and eat everything I want.
And he promised to bring me to Penang(sebab Kedah takdak) and go to the Seoul Garden there.
But we have some problems. It's about the distance,time constraint and also MONEY !

Couple weeks ago, we went to Aloq Staq Mall and accidentally noticed Seoul Garden ( sebelum ni takdak Seoul Garden sobs sobs sobs happy tak terkataaaaaaaa bak hang time nampak tu )
So both of us decided to go again with others - the more the merrier.

Okey I'll stop bla-bla-bla and straight to the story of the wonderful day --- Alhamdulillah.

we grilled. we boiled. we ate. we drink.we repeated. 
we continuously take our turn to take everything we want at a long line of marinated meats and seafood await buffet busters. 

Those meats got many flavours like bulgogi, garlic, teriyaki, black pepper, curry, coffee, tomyam -hmm tempting! There are -steamboat lunch buffet with large variety of fresh meat, seafood, Korean appetisers, desserts,fried rice, ice cream and more ! For steamboat soup- we choose kimchi jigae soup!

un-controlled face reaction of me ( due to overdose exciting )

selfie queens being obsessed with camera while the 'big' monster was busy eating

happy Azira is happy:)

on the way ke toilet, ternampak penimbang berat. aku dia dan azira terus gelak dan timbang diri masing masing- bawak masuk syiling- dan resultnya? si dia dua kali ganda berat aku hahahahahha!

aku- 44kg
azira- rahsia
dia- kira sendiri

ok then lepas makan. my another good friend ( long time no see also) come and join us.
I miss everyone. old friends. wish that I could meet everyone :)

Teha tembam ! Zira Tembam ! I tembim ! hikhik

I bounced about in happiness :)

A picture speaks a thousand words.
I was hilariously happy,overjoyed,truly overwhelmed at this happy moment in my life. 

too many photos in a day so I did this collages 

Thank you Allah for everything you gave me, for everything you didn’t give me, for everything you protected me from- that which I know and that which I’m not even aware of, thank you for blessings that I didn’t even realize were blessings, thank you from guidance when I felt like I was slipping, and thank you for every thing else because no matter how many things I try to list, at the end of the day, I can’t even come close to thanking you enough.
p/s : result lambat sangat keluar mungkin terlalu suprise, jadi mereka beri peluang untuk kita ready mental fizikal :( 

Friday, 7 February 2014

age and maturity.

hello pretty readers.

talking about AGE and MATURITY.
this entry really is all about ME.
and again

Please say that I am more likely have a mother-ly style ( not a sister's look)

this year---two thousand four-teen,I was about to reach twenty-two years old (April 2014)
I am no longer teeeeeeeee-na-gers you know. 

And what makes me worry about MYSELF is I didn't have that matured-kind-of-look.
I am more likely having those selekeh-childish-serabut-not-so-glowing-kind-of-look.

Every-time I met my childhood friends,old classmates --
or maybe old neighbours ( who's having the same age with me or even younger than me) 
They were absolutely look like an elegance-big-matured WOMAN --
with their perfect body structure ( kind of mum's and model's look )

Feels like to shrink my body 
and shape my self into a round ball so that I can bounce-back-to-home.

Even bapak aku sendiri cakap
 ' kakak hang ni macam budak kecik makan KFC-adik adik hang pulak macam kakak hang'

Dan rakan sekolah rendah cakap
' zirah you didn't changed so much. sama macam darjah enam dulu'

Dan saudara mara makcik jiran lama juga cakap
' ini yang bongsu ka, tingkatan berapa dah sekolah mana?'
' kakak kecikkk ja pinggang dia macam Marsha ( cucu dia umur  7 tahun)'

how could you ask me sekolah mana T_T wuuu wuuuu.
how could you compared me with your cucu T_T wuuu wuuuu.

I am getting confused whether I should be happy or sad to face this situation. Pfft !

Happy - sebab rasa diri begitu muda remaja awh
Sad  -sebab tak dapat meyakinkan orang ramai oang awam (atau mak mentua)  aku dah besar dah boleh kawin hoi hoi

cousin : 17 years old & me : 22 years old

I keep blaming on my underweight-skinny-body which made me look younger than my age.
But it is not really the main point to be blame.

sebab aku ada ramai kawan yang skinnier than me, and even shorter than me tapi MashaAllah!

Maybe I'm having a-lack-of-confidence-problems.

my lovely sister is going to end her single-life soon :)
#throwback #photo #wedding #last #month

Yeay, my sister is going to be a wife - INSYAALLAH !
I am pretty excited and happy for her.
Can't wait to make a cute stuff or decorate-things on her wedding day and not to forget feeling-feeling macam aku yang nak kahwin kat atas pelamin hihihihihi * gatal nak mampoh 

P/S : as long as we are happy with our life. and the un-stop-able bless showering our soul. they is no reason to be sad or overthink bout what people around us said. BE YOURSELF, DEAR SELF :)

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