Sunday, 12 July 2015

Decision Making.

Hello and Hi.

I'm glad to announce that-finally-I-had-finish my degree last month. After submitted my thesis, I packed my things and went back home (after almost 3 month i'm not going home!) That great feeling though. But after two weeks, I started to worry AGAIN about what I am going to do for the next phase of ma life. You know, either I want to work as an engineer or pursuing my study for one year or whatever.

I can't think.

Its damn hard to do a decision making.

I have so many untold stories that happened in my life but never had a chance to write it. From March to June 2015, i was busy preparing for presentations, examinations and my final year project. I thought final year is the most RELAXING year for every degree student but it end up as the MOST HECTIC year. Everrrrrrrr.

I think i should off now.


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