Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pelajar Tahun Akhir.

Hello and Hi.
Since this is my first post on 2015,
I would like to remind you to not to get bored with my post cause it might be - a very - long - story  (padahal nobody will read this post)

blog ni dah berhabuk dan berkarat * sembur anti-rust sikit* 
kerana tuan blog terlalu tidak punya masa nak login blog 
dan tidak punya masa memikirkan ayat power untuk dikarang didalam blog.

the faster way of expressing my feelings in form of words and photos (nowadays) 
adalah melalui wechat status,and instagram.
thats the reason why i am slowly forgetting you, my dear blog.

final year's student faces.

so, ya i still remember the first time of using this blog. i was about 20 years old. back to 4 years ago :) tak banyak benda yang berubah dalam blog ni hihihihihihi still the same-clumsy-girl with a big dream and her-40 kilogram of weight . eh ?

okay lets make it quick !

im home now. spending my time with lovely families since i was not home for about 6 month. why ? because last semester break, i have to rent a house and stay with my friends at Shah Alam to do my internship ( about 3 month) there. 

I only went back home for at least 3-4 days during hari raya last year, and when my father was sick last month ( which is actually-the last-year-also). I found that it was not kinda hard to be far from my family as i get used to it since i was 14 years old. I am not having any syndrome called- HOMESICK- anymore.

Currently, i m the final year student and i was not very sure either I should loudly shout "YEAYYY" or should be sad. I love studying though it was totally bored sometimes, totally tired and feels like giving up in the middle of the semester. 

Sebagai pelajar tahun akhir. sukacita saya luahkan - it was AMAZING. do not define amazing in a form of happiness only okay ? hehehehehe. 

I dont want to tell you how susah was it, or how interesting was it. Because evrybody had their own experience. And i only wish the best for my UPCOMING- LAST-SEMESTER. hopefully i can perform well, complete my thesis successfully , pass the results with flying colours, and FINALLY HOLD MY DEGREE SCROLL DURING MY GRADUATION DAY !!!!! 


Will update more - soon. 
And ya i would like to tell you that i have another site of blog that I register when i was doing my internship. Here it is ------> https://xeyralexandria.wordpress.com/
Feel free to read walaupun cuma baru 5 post. 


p/s: i can't wait to get my result for the last semester yang baru sahaja habis exam last week. the suspense was killing me.

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