Monday, 21 April 2014


the introduction.

if you hate me-- just continue hating me.
if you don't like me -- just continue un-liking me.
if you think I'm ugly-- just continue thinking I am not pretty.
if you think I'm a messy-- just continue thinking I am really a messy.
if you think I'm bad-- just continue thinking of that.
if you think I'm fake-- just continue thinking I am fake.

because I am not born to be perfect but to be TRUE.

the content.

my feeling is never fake,
my feeling is true,
if I love my friends then I will continuesly spreading the love.
and only God can measure the sincerity exists in my heart.
I think I don't have the 'unliking' button in my body system.

the end.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

this song is kinda cute.

try to listen to this song :)
it's cute

I hate myself today
I don't know what's happening to me
I hate my face today
I think I look so shitty

I have some sweat everywhere
I'm not even shaved
My hair all greasy
I look disgusting

My eyes are glued
My lips are chaffed
My legs are prickling
And plus I'm stinky today

How can I date someone
With a face like that?
I know you're gonna dump me again
And I am gonna cry

'Cause you want a perfect girl
And I'm not what you expected
You want a perfect girl
And I look shitty today

Maybe I should put some makeup
And find some crazy outfits
But I am very tired today
And I don't care if I'm not pretty

Should be like these girls
Skinny and great all the time
I'm still wearing my slippers
And eat all the candies at home

I should sleep more
And stop going out every day
I should focus more
And stop complaining today

Tell me, how can I date someone
With a face like that?
I know you're gonna dump me again
And I am gonna cry

'Cause you want a perfect girl
And I'm not so perfect
You want a perfect girl
And I look shitty today

Tell me, how can I date someone
With a face like that?
I know you're gonna dump me
And I am gonna cry.

feeling twenty two.

Hey everyone :)

It's 18th of April 2014 (the date i was born into this world). What more can I say than Alhamdulillah. I can never thank you enough to the Almighty Allah SWT for every breath, every blessing and everything.

Anyway anyhow, I don't expect surprises  on my birthday as I was not brought into that environment. When I was young my family did celebrated my birthday EVERY YEAR but then when I entered pra-university/matriculation college, we didn't get the chances to do it anymore. And I have couple of experience blowing up candles on my birthday cake. Mama cooked many delicious food and invited our relatives as well as my friends too, and neighbours to come to our house.

Reminiscing those days- I remembered that I was a happy kid. If I browsed through the photo album at my home, I could see a happy me blowing the candles, wearing short pants and hand-made dress with innocent face ( as I was really young during that time--maybe 5 to 7 years old), and of course being surrounded with my siblings and cousins whom extremely excited to see me cut the cake. 

And not to forget- I got MONEY from my uncles and aunties as a gift ! you know why? because they were LAZY AND DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME to buy me well-dressed-presents. tapi budak kecik kan mana lah dapat sampai beratus pun, cuma puluhan tapi cukup buat hati riang like yeay I can buy new watch and clothes !

As I grew older, I received more birthday wishes from my friends via card,facebook, personal text, and other social media :) That's okay though. I never ever expect to receive fancy things because what is important for me ---- to say thank you to Allah and my parents for bringing me to this world with their greatest love.

can't believe that this girl has grown up :)

This year, I feel overwhelmed with wishes and dua's from everyone. I just can conclude that I APPRECIATED those effort so much- to my friends whom sacrificed their time,money just to make me smile on my day :) I was a happy girl. With the balloons, cupcakes and donut , gifts and card :) THANKYOU BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS. May Allah bless you guys!

I don't know whether I've grown mature or not but I'm so sure that I've become stronger compare to the previous year :) All of the 'test' that Allah gave to me moulded me to  be better and drive me to go closer to Him. I pray the best for my self, for my Ibadah, for my soul, for my Iman,for my future. I just want a strong heart to go through all the predicaments I will be facing in future. I want to be more positive, I really want to be strong, I want to be known as Zirah, the optimist lady. hihihihih. 

I think I chattered a lot.

So okay last but not least, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF :)

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